Muslim Fascism And How It Relates To The World

21313077079_worldreligions.jpgMuslim Fascism is an intolerant view of anything that deviates from Islam and is practiced in many Muslim nations across the world. In nations where Islam is not the dominant religion, a somewhat Pagan fascism has been instituted to try to sway the masses.  The objective is to turn people away from Christianity, once the fastest growing religion in the world, and turn them towards other religions.  Christianity is seen as the biggest threat to Islam so in order to eliminate this threat, it has become necessary to negate it. 
Those on the far left are quick to denounce Christianity and traditions stemming from this religion that once was very dominant in Western society, particularly in the United States.  Pagan fascism is practiced by those who state that they have no religion or worship various cults.  There are those who say that Islam is a cult as well, although religious theology can be very complex when it comes to defining a cult. 
Muslim Fascism may or may not affect you, although it does effect those who are living in countries where the ideals of Islam are the law of the land.  Those who study Christian theology as well as Judaism can state that Pagan Fascism is the new face of the Muslim movement and has been used as a tool to turn people away from traditional churches.  There are now many holidays that revolve around the moon.  Whereas Christian holidays are more concrete, some of them also are dictated by the position of the moon or by another religion. 

Those who do not understand how Fascism works can get an idea when they study how some countries use religion such as Islam to rule the people.  In radical Islamic countries, it can be punishable by death to defy Islam.  This is not the case in Western countries, most of which recognize the need for people to be able to practice any religion that they see fit.  As a result, it is difficult for anyone to understand the depths of religious fascism. 
Those on the far left are quick to point out the flaws in Christianity and how it relates to laws of the land and are quick to challenge any influence that this religion has on any law, be it state or federal.  However, they fail to recognize any type of Muslim Fascism in other nations and are quick to espouse tolerance towards those of this faith.  However, the number of those who practice Islam is growing rapidly throughout the world.  Those who speak out against it, even in some western countries, can have a Fatwa issued against them. This is basically a death threat that can be carried out in the name of Islam and which many people, from film makers to those who work for newspapers, actually fear. 
They have a right to fear the Fatwa as they have been carried out on more than one occasion against those who have made anti-Islamic statements or even drawn cartoons and made films that depict Islam in a negative light.  However, those who do not mind pagan Fascism or any other type of intimidation except Christian, tend to close their eyes to what is going on in the world around them. 

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